Saturday, December 27, 2008

The people of Truth

Sixty years, 60 years, sixty years, and damn the 60 years. Say what you will but our fingers all point over here, on the left side of our chest. Saturday, December 27th, 2008 is every day, every single day where my siblings live, but today is the day hundreds of my other siblings and their parents will not and cannot point to over here. They are dead and you killed them. Today and every day the people of Gaza are slowly rocked in the arms of my, of our hearts and you cannot take that away. 1917 is the year a promise of false hope was made to you. 2008 is the year, like every year, I promise my people H O P E. You manage to carve a letter off every time. And the people of Falisteen continue to rewrite every letter with the bloody tip of their finger. They carve with the same finger that points to their chest. We continue our journey to live. You continue yours to kill. In the end we always win. With our winning fingers we point to your chest and know it is hollow. You point to ours and with envy you continue to make massacres. This is why the people of Gaza are the people of truth. 60 years, sixty years, and damn those sixty years.

Ghada Abdelqader, Palestinian
Providence, Road Island

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